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Leader of the Gang. The dynamics of collaboration and loneliness in learning.

Whilst eating chips on the quay at Swanage this weekend, i was approached by a teenager with a questionnaire. I guess he was on a school geography trip, asking people whether they were residents or tourists. As the sun got … Continue reading

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How we formulate hypotheses and test them when learning. Sometimes, you’ve just got to dive in!

Sometimes, the best way of learning is just to dive on in. As adults, we are experienced learners, experienced at formulating a view of expected outcomes from actions and testing those hypotheses. We are experienced at gauging the success (or … Continue reading

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Can you hear me? The importance of interactivity and feedback in learning

Writing is a one way activity. You write, you hope that people read it. Occasionally people write something back, which is reassuring, as it means that someone is awake. Very occasionally, something explodes. Last week, i wrote about the optimum … Continue reading

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