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Iceland: Reflections

I’m unsure exactly what my preconception of Reykjavik was, possibly somewhere around the glossy tourist shots of sophisticated bars and famous nightlife, but it was subtly defied by the grounded reality. Everywhere in Iceland, there is a certain understatement, a … Continue reading

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Switzerland: Lost And Aimless

There is something most wonderful about being both lost and aimless. Lost in a new world, a new space, exploring and questing, spontaneously discovering, roaming and wandering. With just a map and travel card, and an old-fashioned, old world, curled … Continue reading

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Connected: Trails

Week three on the road and i am settled into disruption. Bouts of familiarity interspersed with the emergent and new. By the time i get home again, it will have been round the world in twenty one days: twenty one … Continue reading

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Cambodia Diary: Traffic and Ethics

There must be some rules, but they are unclear through direct observation. The motorbikes are everywhere, swarming round cars, overtaking, undertaking, riding on pavements and dirt tracks, clearly the primary choice of travel for the majority. It’s anyone’s guess what … Continue reading

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The Social Age: a map for 2016

This is a #WorkingOutLoud post, so forgive the scaffolding and dust sheets. I’ve spent today redrawing my map of the Social Age. I do this each year, expanding and evolving it as my own understanding and interest evolves. It’s bigger … Continue reading

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Mobile Learning: day three – what do we mean by ‘mobile’?

Work is progressing this week on my new book on ‘mobile learning’. I’m sharing some sections as they are completed. Yesterday, we looked at augmented reality, today, part of the introduction, exploring what we mean by ‘mobile’. What do we … Continue reading

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Book Launch: ‘exploring the world of social learning’

Today is the launch of my new eBook, ‘Exploring the world of social learning‘. It’s based upon nearly fifty articles with a commentary and practical tips and it’s intended as a wide ranging overview of this emergent field. Whilst writing … Continue reading

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