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Illustrating ‘Exploring’

Yesterday i shared a section from my auto-ethnographic work on ‘being an explorer’. I really rather enjoyed throwing myself into this, and today i’m illustrating the chapter. I wanted to make a physical illustration to go with it, and have … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Exploring

This year i am embarked on a new doctorate, and the work shared today is part of my first writing: as such it’s fragmentary and incomplete, but illustrative of the approach. This programme, by Public Works at Middlesex University, is … Continue reading

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Unit of One [Thousands]

I’m in New York, a unit of one: alone, but not lonely. I feel lucky: i get to travel, but i have a wonderful home and friends around the world. I’m sat in Irving Farm Coffee Roasters: it’s one of … Continue reading

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GoogleGlass: the social dilemma

Joe was great: sitting me down, letting me open the box, carefully lifting out my new, orange, Glass and ensuring i was connected to the WiFi. When i first arrived at Glass Basecamp, the half dozen casually dressed staff (Explorers? … Continue reading

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Becoming an Explorer: Google Glass for Learning

I must have spent literally hours glued to the pages of the Argos catalogue: i can still remember the feel of it’s thin, crinkly paper that would stick to your fingers as you turned the pages. The Playmobil section was … Continue reading

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