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#WorkingOutLoud on ‘Togetherness – Otherness’

One of my writing projects this year concerns ‘togetherness and otherness’. In the spirit of ‘The Humble Leader’, this will be a guided reflection, but different from that previous work in that i intend to bring in different voices: people … Continue reading

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Stories of Exclusivity and Exclusion

As part of a series of pieces developing the new Storytelling work, today i am considering how stories create exclusivity and can form part of exclusion. I was given an award a couple of years ago: at the induction they … Continue reading

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The Self You Choose

Our radical connectivity leaves us carrying a ‘self’ in many different spaces, but not necessarily the same ‘self’ into each. There are many views on how this works: some would claim that there is a ‘you’, a pilot that sits … Continue reading

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The Walls of Community

As a Community forms, it grows to be coherent, building out shared language, rituals, artefacts of power, identity, sometimes purpose and values. And as it does so, it can become increasingly exclusive, identity led, silencing, and monocultural. There is no … Continue reading

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The Social Consequence of Exclusion #2

Excuse first: some days it’s hard to write, it’s just too busy. I’ve delivered a full day workshop, then travelled into the evening to prepare for another full day tomorrow. But #WorkingOutLoud is not about sharing excuses, it’s about sharing … Continue reading

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A Civil Society?

From the macro, to the micro: i was in Oxford yesterday, on a cold night, walking through the city. I ended my journey walking past half a dozen rough sleepers, bedded down for the night, sheltered under cardboard boxes and … Continue reading

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Engagement and Silence

Often in Social Learning we are aiming to generate engagement within our communities, but it’s easy to get caught up in the ride and think we are successful when people start to speak. Engagement isn’t just about hearing from a … Continue reading

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