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Just sharing an illustration today: in the new Culture Explorer work i’m running a session around ‘Edgeland’ spaces. These are intersections (in this illustration, the space between the tides), spaces that are neither one thing, nor fully another. They are … Continue reading

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San Francisco: Hinterland

I don’t know if it’s called ‘fly tipping’ here, but it was noticeable that, under the concrete flyways, between the monumental arches, at the dead end of endless tracks, the rubbish was piled high. Ironic really that the yard next … Continue reading

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Trains transect spaces: urban to rural, city to the sea, valleys to highlands. And in between? Edgelands: spaces left unclaimed, unloved, spaces that form the thin black line between zones. Narrow, bordered by order, but in themselves chaotic, overlooked, lost. … Continue reading

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The Idle Social Network. Why does communication need to be about anything?

I was floored the other day by the question “why should i engage in a social network?”. On the one hand, i had so many answers that i didn’t know where to start, but on the other, i had no … Continue reading

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