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Diagnostic to Mechanistic

When we seek to understand something, there is great value in frameworks or tools that can let us observe, categorise, quantify, and assess. Our quest for knowledge leads us to take things apart as we learn how they operate: anything … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on the Community Diagnostic

I’m consolidating several previous bodies of work into a new iteration of a Community Diagnostic as part of my broader work around building engaged communities: It will provide insight into, and visualisation of, a single Learning Community, as well as … Continue reading

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The Trust Diagnostic: #WorkingOutLoud on the Alpha Group Analysis

Assume that today’s post is full of caveats: i wanted to share my initial analysis of the first prototype of the Trust Diagnostic, but this is very early stage work, and it will take me some time to find my … Continue reading

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Trust Diagnostic Alpha

I’m in Singapore today, working with a group who are going to complete the alpha version of the Trust diagnostic as part of a workshop: days like this are important, as it’s where i start to ground the evidence gathering, … Continue reading

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Developing a Prototype Trust Diagnostic

The ‘Landscape of Trust’ research has three aims: to build an evidence base behind the language around ‘trust’, to build diagnostics, visualisations, and frameworks to understand how trust flows at all levels within systems, and to prototype and grounded developmental … Continue reading

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Measuring the pressure on organisational culture: the CAIR diagnosis

I’ve taken this week to look at failures in organisational culture and, specifically, the pressures that work across four dimensions to toxify it. Why do good people do bad things? How do cultures come to fail? The CAIR model charts … Continue reading

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