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Choreography: by design, not by accident

There are many written languages: French, English, German, Russian, each with a proud heritage and some common roots, their own nuances of meaning and intonation. Some share common alphabets, such as our own Roman one, whilst others use different strokes … Continue reading

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Whispering in the wind, echoing through hallways, buzzing like an angry fly down a bad phone line or whispered tenderly late at night. Voices of purpose and intent, voices that implore or beg us to take action, bullying or directive … Continue reading

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Shared understanding: convention and agility

I find myself doing it almost without thinking: the international sign of ‘can i have the bill please?‘ is to pretend to write with one hand in the air, whilst giving the waiter or waitress a raised eyebrow glance. It’s … Continue reading

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On the eleventh day of Christmas Learning: it’s all about the details

Christmas Eve: are you ready? Have you decked the halls? Is the cake decorated? Do the stockings hang by the fireplace? Have you remembered to post the card for Aunt Sally in Canada? It’s the details that make the experience, … Continue reading

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The visual language of dance: interpreting messages through movement.

The subject was ‘Spitfire’. Four male dancers in string vests and long johns, each taking it in turns to run around the stage pretending to be a second world war fighter. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. Sound strange? Well, kind of, … Continue reading

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Taking part or being left out: what makes you dance?

It’s been a great weekend, the first sunny one for a month, putting everyone in a good mood. I got out walking, saw some friends, caught some music and even had a dance. A dance? Yes, i’m afraid it was … Continue reading

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