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Tides of Culture

Walking along the beach is a balance: the golden sand above all the but the highest of tides is soft and hard to walk on, but dry and warm. The lowest sand is damp and much firmer, easier to traverse, … Continue reading

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Message [Not] Received

As part of my current work around Culture, i find myself revisiting some of my earliest work around Storytelling, seeking to understand how the Dominant Narratives of our cultures are formed, and shared between us, and why it is sometimes … Continue reading

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Organisational Culture

Culture is co-created in the moment, through the aggregated actions of every individual. But it’s not constructed in isolation: it is built within a context, a context set by the tribal structures, normalised behaviours, and landscape of consequence, that exists … Continue reading

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Aspiration and Culture

We paint pictures in our minds: the culture we desire. Then we act, and co-create the culture that we deserve. Understanding the difference is important: one is written on the wall of the elevator, the other is how the receptionist … Continue reading

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Breaking Convention

When BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones walked onto my TV this morning, the first thing i noticed was that he was wearing his Google Glasses: wearable technology with sharing and collaboration at it’s heart. He wasn’t there to talk about … Continue reading

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The myth of history: why organisational culture is our problem

I keep coming back to culture this week: i’ve had so many people kindly sharing their thoughts and feedback that i can’t put it down. Today, i want to think about heritage and history vs co-creation and current activity. When … Continue reading

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Measuring the pressure on organisational culture: the CAIR diagnosis

I’ve taken this week to look at failures in organisational culture and, specifically, the pressures that work across four dimensions to toxify it. Why do good people do bad things? How do cultures come to fail? The CAIR model charts … Continue reading

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Rifts in trust: how organisational culture fractures

The Banks have failed us: that’s the message we took out of the financial meltdown, but how? Can we blame culture or individuals? Are organisations largely good, with small pockets of bad, or did we all fail by degrees? Where … Continue reading

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Learning to trust: corrosive cultures and the challenge in Financial Services

2014 starts with a conversation about Trust in the Social Age. What is trust? At a simple level, an investment of our wellbeing in the hands of others. To trust is to be vulnerable. To trust is to hope that … Continue reading

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