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Domain Connection to Interconnectivity

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud as i develop and reflect upon work originally published in ‘The Socially Dynamic Organisation’ book. One of the conclusions of that work, which explored a new model of Organisational Design, was that we need greater interconnectivity: … Continue reading

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The Web

When we consider the Socially Dynamic Organisation, the notion of a ‘web’ of connection is easy to visualise, but probably incorrect. The Social structure of the Organisations is lumpy, clumped into trust bonded units, tribes, each of which may form … Continue reading

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Landmarks of the Social Age – #1 – Connectivity

Today i am #WorkingOutLoud to share part of the manuscript i am working on, acting as a guide to the map of the Social Age. Our first landmark as we explore the Social Age is ‘Connectivity’ – it rises over … Continue reading

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Quiet Leadership: Strength Through Connection

This is my fourth iteration of language around Quiet Leadership, as i find my vocabulary and metaphors to shape this work. It’s an exploration of how individuals act within systems, and the ways that we find strength by making, and … Continue reading

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Guide to the Social Age 2019: Interconnectivity

This is the eighth in a series of articles exploring the new Map of the Social Age for 2019. Today, i’m considering ‘Interconnectivity’, something that has emerged as a new, and powerful, notion within my own work over the last … Continue reading

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The Social Age Safari – Connect the Dots

We are deep in the heart of the Social Age Safari. This is a prototype event, a live rehearsal, a chance to bring together a number of ideas to see what works. A series of three-hour hack events, separated by … Continue reading

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