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Community Firmament

I think i would put today’s writing firmly in the speculative space: i am thinking about how Communities operate within Formal Organisations, and prototyping a new language around it. But i do not expect this to be ‘right’ yet. It’s … Continue reading

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The Community Handbook: a #WorkingOutLoud post

I’m taking the results from the Landscape of Trust research, and the Communities of Practice research, and trying to hack together a short Handbook, intended to share relevant aspects of the combined research, alongside interpretation, links to other writing, and … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Communities

I’m working up a report on communities, specifically on the conditions for, and operation of, Communities of Practice. I’ve spend seven hours working on this on the plane today, so just sharing the introduction as part of #WorkingOutLoud. “In the … Continue reading

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Conditions for Community

I’m working on some principles for supporting the development of Communities of Practice, so sharing this illustration, which is about ‘foundations’, what are the conditions for Communities to emerge? It’s not intended to be definitive, just part of a conversation … Continue reading

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Privacy in Communities of Practice. Issues of disclosure and confidentiality in online learning and development.

Learners are increasingly engaged in immersive learning experiences online, sharing case studies, working their way through scenarios, carrying out assessments, but how much attention is being paid to questions of confidentiality and privacy, and how enforceable are these notions anyway? … Continue reading

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How big is a ‘community’? Questions of size and scale in online communities of practice and collaborative learning environments.

When we set out to create an online community, we often seek to attract people to join in, to generate engagement. One of the features of online communities is that you need a certain critical mass to make it all … Continue reading

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The Transient Community. Understanding the role and impact of temporary learning communities and spaces.

Nothing lasts forever, but some things are more transient than others. When learners come together for classes or workshops, they immediately start to demonstrate elements of community building. Through speech, questions, clothing, behaviour and writing, they start to organise along … Continue reading

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