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Reflections from Learning Solutions Day 2: Responding to challenge

The second day of Learning Solutions and i’ve delivered my fourth and final session. Themes: how do we engage communities, how do we respond to challenge, how do we make it safe? I thought i’d capture some ideas around this … Continue reading

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The emergence of Global Culture

I’m facilitating some workshops this week around Community Management in Social Learning spaces. One of the Russian delegates mentioned that in her culture it’s ok for the moderator to tell people what to do and they will simply obey, whilst … Continue reading

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The OAR Model for Community Management

I’ve been working this week on a workshop for social community managers and came up with this model, which i thought i’d share today. The OAR model covers three activities: Observe, Attend and Refer. For much of the time, the … Continue reading

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The 3 stages of community management

FORMING is about drawing people in, exploring reasons for disengagement and ensuring that nobody is disenfranchised. GUIDING is about framing the conversation, keeping it on track or being brave enough to listen to where it’s going. NARRATING is about taking … Continue reading

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