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Creating effective blended learning solutions: a methodology

At the heart of great learning is a coherent narrative: a story that runs through all the different media, all the different experiences, all of the learning environments. The narrative is everything. We have many ways to deliver learning today: … Continue reading

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Narrative and dialogue in learning: structure and content

Yesterday i completed the first draft of my new book, ‘mindset for mobile learning’. I’d seen the finish line coming for some time, because the very first thing i did when i started it was to map out the whole … Continue reading

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Finding the story: capturing oral narratives and framing them for digital

I’m working on the design of a new e-learning piece today: a fifteen minute module around an element of customer service. This is my favourite place, where everything is up in the air! I’ve got a room with a group … Continue reading

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Learning in museums: how collections ground us in our history.

Museums are the collective memory of society: they are the dusty attic of a nation. They are places to visit with granny on a summer holiday, a place to carry out school projects, a place to understand how things were … Continue reading

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