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16 Amplifiers of Change

This week i’ve been exploring Change Curves: a new model for enacting dynamic organisational change. It starts by exploring where the organisation sits on a Change Curve: resistant to change, constrained by hierarchy, or co-creative and dynamic. To move up … Continue reading

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Clarity and brevity: why less is more, but more feels safer.

I’m working on a project at the moment around a pretty simple topic, it’s an interesting subject, but not complex. The challenge is to get people to do something differently. Not hugely differently, but a little differently. But, for some … Continue reading

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It’s black and white: gloss and substance in learning stories.

We used to have a black and white television. It was small and, for some years, you had to hit it on the side periodically to make it work. In today’s world of Blue Ray and HD, this seems a … Continue reading

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Stating the obvious. Why less can be more.

I was talking with an entrepreneur yesterday who has developed and sells a service into Healthcare clients. It’s a rather complex mixture of a software system and consultancy and, if truth be known, i couldn’t tell you exactly what it’s … Continue reading

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