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My Father

My father died yesterday. A peaceful end to a long and eventful journey. I am overwhelmingly sad, tempered by a gratitude for what he gave us, and how we were able to be together at the end. Writing about it … Continue reading

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Dit Is Een Girafje

Honestly, it is a giraffe. Maybe not the best giraffe you’ve ever seen, but what do you expect? I’m not a giraffe artist in the normal course of events. So here he is: a giraffe. A girafje in fact, because … Continue reading

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Cambodia Diary: Traffic and Ethics

There must be some rules, but they are unclear through direct observation. The motorbikes are everywhere, swarming round cars, overtaking, undertaking, riding on pavements and dirt tracks, clearly the primary choice of travel for the majority. It’s anyone’s guess what … Continue reading

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Learning science: the power of steam

Christmas is a time for families and for me that means my nine year old niece and six year old nephew. Once the flurry of wrapping paper has subsided and the boxes have been ripped open, once the new spaceship … Continue reading

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When Uncle Julian Saved the Day: sailing stories on the iPad.

Today, i am Uncle Julian and it’s great. Admittedly, it’s just an honorific title, as Ed is the son of some very old friends, but it still counts. And yesterday i saved the day. Well, when i say the day, … Continue reading

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