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Intractable Resistance: Frustrated Change

There is a familiar dilemma around change: if we focus on small and manageable projects, it’s easy to define, easy to achieve, but ultimately often fragmented and ineffective when it comes to addressing the wider challenge. But if we focus … Continue reading

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Dynamic Change Framework: Birth of the Book

I’ve come to the end of the primary writing i’ve been doing around Organisational Change, which is sitting under the provisional title of ‘Organisational Change in the Social Age’. Not the most glamorous title, but it’s first draft and i’m … Continue reading

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Sharing an extract from the new book: Organisational Change in the Social Age

Over the last month or so i’ve been working up a series of articles around Change: a framework that explores manifestations of change in organisations and seeks to provide a route map to agility. Today i started pulling all of … Continue reading

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Change Curve: Filling in the Gaps

Yesterday i finished the first pass through the Change Curve framework: it’s been fun writing it over the last couple of months and i’m thinking about taking some time to develop it into a book. As i’ve been reading through … Continue reading

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