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Our Certainty

I shared an illustration of something the other day, and the idea has been lodged in my mind: in the piece about #WorkingOutLoud i said that part of this philosophy was to ‘hold your certainty lightly’. Certainty can trap us … Continue reading

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The Apple

I was looking through a book with my three year old at the weekend, and he saw a medieval illustration depicting someone standing next to an apple tree. He asked me “why is that man putting apples in a tree?”. … Continue reading

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The Risk of Comfort

I feel the pervasive risk of my own comfort: in my ideas, reputation, and work. I feel, to a degree, that i have it all under control. Occasionally i say things that people mistake for wisdom. At times, i even … Continue reading

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Social Leadership Daily

Alongside the blog, i have also recently started to publish a daily practitioner newsletter called ‘Social Leadership Daily’ – it’s a focussed sixty seconds a day for a question, reflection, or action, and it’s just turned 100 days old. This … Continue reading

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Learning #Sketch

This is an illustration of learning. It’s a pragmatic sketch, illustrating our own certainty over time, and the ways in which learning may involve disturbance, ambiguity, and a series of connections and failures, each of which carries us one step … Continue reading

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Learning Fragments #1

#Fragments: not complete work, but working thoughts. You cannot control what someone thinks, but you can create space for them to think. But ‘thinking’ is not as free as we may think: we are constrained by the invisible walls of … Continue reading

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Today i am sharing one of the first sections of the ‘Social Age Guidebook’ text: this extract forms one of the ten ‘landmarks’ that we explore through the book and concerns our own ‘certainty’ as to how things just are. … Continue reading

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Guide to the Social Age 2019: Certainty

I’m working on a new Guide to the Social Age, 2019, and am sharing a series of posts around some of the core areas. Today, exploring the notion of ‘Certainty’. Certainty: this is a bedrock notion, that the ‘ways we … Continue reading

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