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DC: Performance Space and Stories

This is a city geared up for performance. Architecture subdivides space: we can view buildings as a mass of wood and stone, glass and steel, the physical components of construction, or we can view them as the space that they … Continue reading

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This is my 1,000th blog post. I feel it should be special. But the pressure is daunting, so i’ll just dive in. One thousand: they’ve not all been great, but that’s not the point. They’ve been steps on a journey, … Continue reading

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Taking Pride

In a group today, i noticed one participant wearing a badge saying ‘Pride in the NHS‘, our much loved and occasionally exasperated National Health Service. The NHS is a hot political potato, as well as a subject of division between … Continue reading

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When the Bell Tolls

There’s a bell in the pizzeria: i’m sat at the bar, right across the counter from the team making the dough and assembling the pizzas. When a customer leaves, they ring the bell and drop a tip in the jar. … Continue reading

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LEARNING:500 event, January 17th, London. An invitation.

January will see the 500th post on the Learning Blog and, to celebrate, i’ve organised a free event in London on the 17th. It will be a chance to bring together people from all of my learning communities: the blog, … Continue reading

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