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Setting Context

I’m working on the context of my work as part of the doctorate this week. I was reminded of my time as an archaeologist, where i was taught that everything is about context. There is more to archaeology than simply … Continue reading

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#WorkingOutLoud on Exploring

This year i am embarked on a new doctorate, and the work shared today is part of my first writing: as such it’s fragmentary and incomplete, but illustrative of the approach. This programme, by Public Works at Middlesex University, is … Continue reading

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Mending the Net: a Story of Culture

The past and the present, the old and the new, these are convenient ways to parcel out our time, to present separate and distinct narratives around what came before, and what replaced it. We use these terms both to describe … Continue reading

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A Legacy Of Tinted Earth

Memory is a story we evolve over time, writing and rewriting as age, detail and perspective change. Our memory is not perfect, but rather a narrative of coherence, a literary attempt to stitch together divergent aspects of our observed world. … Continue reading

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Foundations: Singapore Diary day 3 (Learning, knowledge and meaning)

Whilst working in Singapore this week, i’m exploring learning, knowledge and meaning from a variety of angles. Yesterday we looked at how meaning can emerge from apparent chaos, how learning is based upon good communication and, perhaps, understanding how what … Continue reading

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Exploring the past. How mobile devices are helping to bring history to life.

I’m in London for a couple of days, which has given me plenty of time for walking around, looking at the architecture. One of my favourite activities when staying away from home is to roam around in the evening, with … Continue reading

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Reading the stories from the stones. Interpreting our built heritage and learning from graffiti.

I spent yesterday at Bodiam castle, one of the most picturesque and magical medieval castles in England. Although ruinous on the inside, the outer Walls and towers stand intact, sitting within a fairytale wide expanse of water in the moat. … Continue reading

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What on earth are you talking about? The art of visualisation in archaeological interpretation.

There are lots of challenges in archaeology. You can spend days on end stood in a muddy field, trowel in hand, jeans wet, knees bruised, with nothing to show for it than a few pottery shards and some flint. If … Continue reading

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