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Midnight Cowboy

Boots may be one step too far. The Stetson, i’m happy with. Not typically a hat person, i’ve taken the leap and saunter down Sixth sporting my new look with trepidation and pride. Boots though, i’m less sure: it’s a … Continue reading

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Social Technology: it’s the little things that count

After a month of travelling, i’m back in the UK and settled in to start editing the book. Starbucks is a favourite local writing spot: somehow i’m more productive in busy, noisy environments. I use their loyalty card App, which … Continue reading

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Mobile Learning: reflecting on the state of play

It’s been a year since i published ‘Mindset for Mobile Learning‘ and a lot has changed. Predictably, most of it in unpredictable ways. My own perception is that conversations within the organisational learning space have not progressed far, whilst the … Continue reading

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On the third day of Christmas Learning: the sound of jingling bells

I’m dedicating the last twelve days of writing to a series of reflections on key trends and features of learning in the Social Age. Today, it’s all about social collaborative technology. I’ve got myself a new iPhone and, in the … Continue reading

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What does the iPad 3 mean for mobile learning? Technology and Community.

So the iPad 3 has hit the shelves, with something of a fanfare, but what’s actually new? What new opportunities will it give us in the fields of learning and development? What does this device do that the first and … Continue reading

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What does the iPhone 4S mean for the development of mobile learning?

So, the iPhone 4S was launched yesterday in a flurry of media attention to a world that was expecting the iPhone 5 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15172238). And what does this mean for the world of learning technology and it’s current obsession with mobile … Continue reading

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How to fit a square peg into a round hole. Exploring how the different sizes of iPad, iPhone and Playbook can affect the design and quality of mobile learning solutions.

Next week my Playbook will arrive. Billed by Blackberry as their Flash playing alternative to the iPad, it’s probably make or break for them in the Tablet market. On the surface, things look promising; at half the size of an … Continue reading

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The race to innovate. Technology as a catalyst for creative App development.

Shiny hardware is just half the picture. You need something to run on it, and, with the iPad, there is no shortage of Apps to do the job. There are in excess of 425,000 Apps in the Apple store at … Continue reading

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‘Grab every moment you can and head for the door’

We are the product of our experiences, shaped by our environment, moulded by our decisions and powered by our desires. Knowledge is the most precious thing, yet so abundant these days that it can seem virtually trivial. On my iPad … Continue reading

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