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Aspects of the Social Age

I’m working on a couple of larger manuscripts at the moment, alongside my work on the doctorate, one of which will be an overarching guide to the Social Age. Today i found myself playing with ideas, and i realised that … Continue reading

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The Evolving Context of Organisations

When i started writing about the Social Age, ten years ago, it was largely an idea. A shadow of thought whereby i tried to catch hold of the silk threads to make a web. It was clear that things were … Continue reading

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Diagnosis and Holding Ambiguity

Within our modern Organisations, we do not simply need a capability to ‘do’, so much as an ability to ‘diagnose’. To take a look at the seemingly familiar, simple, or one dimensional, and to understand it in terms of broader … Continue reading

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To Thrive in Chaos and Ambiguity

Uncertainty: a shifting landscape of expectations and alliances, technologies and goals. Ambiguity: what does winning mean anymore and will we ever stop striving? Ambiguity: that thing that used to work is less effective these days, the path is less clear. … Continue reading

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