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A Matter of Perspective

We all know it, but sometimes the realisation eludes us: perspective is a limiting thing. We are surrounded by walls of our own making. Constrained by our experience of the everyday, fooled into believing that the things we know to … Continue reading

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Learning technology: are we using it right?

Technology can be a great enabler for learning, but it’s not guaranteed to make us learn better. Used correctly, it can enhance, equalise and facilitate learning, used poorly it simply commands and controls. It’s both an infrastructure and a mindset, … Continue reading

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The Pub Quiz phenomenon. ‘Just in time learning’ and the changing ways we access information and the impacts for learning and development.

‘Just in time’ learning is quite in vogue these days. I think it means ‘google it’. Instead of holding vast swathes of knowledge in my head and relying on my erratic memory to access it, i can just type it … Continue reading

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