Article: October 2012
My experience on a global mentoring programme for women
In this very informal article, i reflect on my experience as a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, where i spend an hour a week with my mentee in India, helping her with the development of her interior design business. This is a personal story of our shared journey and an insight into global virtual mentoring from a users perspective.
(Business Fights Poverty blog)

Article: September 2012
How to create a dynamic social learning space
In this article for Chief Learning Officer magazine, i explore practical strategies for creating dynamic social learning spaces. This includes the role of the moderator and looking at technology.
(Chief Learning Officer Magazine)

Article: 22nd August 2012
Map reading in online spaces
We all have strategies for navigation in our daily lives. Understanding how learners explore the web and how to avoid losing them is essential for online learning success.
(American Society for Training and Development – ASTD)

Article: 11th September 2012
Cultural Challenges in Global Social Learning Spaces
In this article, i explore the challenges bought about in global social learning spaces by our different attitudes to gender equality, sexuality, human rights and so forth. I explore a range of ways that we can tackle these questions as well as trying to understand which ways work best.
(e-learning Industry blog)

Article: 28 August 2012
Three Factors in Successful Learning
In this article i explore how we learn hard skills and look at three key areas for training design: creating the right structure, the importance of failure and the use of social learning spaces for support.
(Training Journal website)

Article: 5 July 2012
Exploring the layers of social learning
In this article i explore how the old formal worlds of work and informal social spaces that surround it are changing, looking at how learning is invading this social space and some of the key challenges that this gives us.
(eLearning Industry Blog)
Article: 1 June 2012
Building a Strategy for Mobile Learning. Technology, Content, and Users in Perfect Harmony?
Based on an article from the blog, this piece explores how to build a strategy for mobile learning and some of the practical things we need to do.
(Performance Matters RWD & GP)

Article: March 2012
Missing the point of mobile learning: why now is the time to take chances
In this piece, i explore why many organisations miss the point of mobile, focussing on technology instead of experience.
(Performance Matters RWD & GP)

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