I’ve started a series of fifteen minute podcasts to accompany key themes on the blog. These will be published approximately monthly as the mood takes me.

A mindset for mobile learning” is a podcast exploring how there is more to mobile learning than just technology! Accompanying my new book ‘mindset for mobile learning‘, this podcast explores how technology relates to experience and some practical ways to experiment with mobile learning.

The social and mobile world of learning“. In this podcast i explore how mobile technology is facilitating social learning experiences. This is part of my own evolving journey to understand how mobile learning and social learning come together and to understand practically how we can implement it successfully.

A methodology for creating effective learning” In this podcast, we explore a methodology for creating effective learning solutions. Understanding the context, providing demonstrations, allowing learners to explore and reflect and taking footsteps out of the learning.

Mobile Learning: Building a strategy” At a time when organisations are rushing to procure technology, I argue that they should be focussing on the experience instead. Technology facilitates experience, but it doesn’t guarantee it. We need to think about the everyday reality of the learner and ensure that our materials are fit for purpose.

Creating engagement in online communities” People engage in communities for reasons of enlightened self interest. In this episode I explore how people react in social learning environments and suggest some practical ways to drive up engagement.


2 Responses to Podcasts

  1. Rob Ashton says:

    Just listened to the mobile learning podcast. Great overview Julian! It’s a good example of ‘commuter learning’ in itself. Couldn’t agree more about the need to build pilots quickly. Peter Sims – in his book ‘Little Bets’ – talks more about this. He calls it building rapid prototypes – a technique that’s been used to great effect in companies like Pixar.

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