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A Politics of Reconnection?

Our democracies are always imperfect, split between structures that enable the application of power over others, and the structures that prevent that application being limitless. Some of those structures are fallible: the redrawing of constituent boundaries, the pork barrelling of … Continue reading

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Cross pollination. Why generalising can be a great thing.

I’d have to throw my hands up to admit to being a generalist. I flit happily between disciplines, peeking over the edge of the abyss at the vast range of knowledge, picking out a few choice pieces, then retreating to … Continue reading

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Where do good ideas come from? Inspiration and innovation.

Good ideas don’t often fall out of the sky. They tend to have a foundation in the immediate, but extend their reach into wider possibility. Ideas are how we explore the unknown and seek to create order out of the … Continue reading

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