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An e-learning methodology in 5 stages. Step 2: Demonstration

In this series of five articles, i’m exploring a methodology for e-learning: Context, Demonstration, Exploration, Reflection and Footsteps. When you’re looking at training people in skills and behaviours, it’s fairly fundamental to demonstrate what those things look like in action. … Continue reading

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An e-learning methodology in 5 stages. Step 1: Context

We learn in a multitude of ways, through formal learning encounters, through social situations, through problem solving and through adversity. Sometimes we learn specific skills, sometimes knowledge, sometimes we just learn a state of mind or a framework for problem … Continue reading

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How we formulate hypotheses and test them when learning. Sometimes, you’ve just got to dive in!

Sometimes, the best way of learning is just to dive on in. As adults, we are experienced learners, experienced at formulating a view of expected outcomes from actions and testing those hypotheses. We are experienced at gauging the success (or … Continue reading

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Selling snake oil. Why sometimes a little bit of common sense is worth any number of weak theories.

At the Learning Technology Conference this week and struck by the mix of glorious innovation and plain old fashioned nonsense. It’s incredible the credibility that people attach to something if it’s written on a wall, stuck in a glossy brochure … Continue reading

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