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Getting engaged to social learning. Issues of engagement in the online world.

To create a successful online learning environment, you need to address issues of technology, content and engagement. Technology itself will not solve the issue. Content, in itself, will not do it. It’s the magic of engagement that draws it all … Continue reading

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Exploring the Twittersphere. The convergence of formal and informal spaces at the Learning Technology Conference.

Some of the most interesting conversations i had at the Learning Technology Conference this week were around social media and, in particular, formal and informal networks. I found the conference to be a particularly useful example of these networks, and … Continue reading

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Who says i’m incompetent? Questioning the relevance of performance review in an interconnected age

Businesses face a challenge of determining what makes a person ‘competent’ in role. They often do this through a process of Performance Review. Very much in vogue are competency frameworks, a reductionist approach that effectively produces a series of measures … Continue reading

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Can you hear me? The importance of interactivity and feedback in learning

Writing is a one way activity. You write, you hope that people read it. Occasionally people write something back, which is reassuring, as it means that someone is awake. Very occasionally, something explodes. Last week, i wrote about the optimum … Continue reading

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Establishing online communities: laying the foundations

Technology makes it incredibly easy to create online spaces where people can meet. Social networking has opened the door. You can create a community space in Facebook, Blogger, WordPress or a thousand other tools. You can do it with virtually … Continue reading

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Coffee and the Media Muffin – Changing Habits of Consumption

There was a time when Sunday morning consisted of a trip to the coffee shop with the paper and maybe a good paperback book. Today, i still go to the coffee shop, but it’s been over a year since i … Continue reading

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The Pervasive Nature of Technology

Mobile devices and ever more prevalent technology mean the appearance of a screen in virtually every room in every house, as well as on the bus, the train and even the walk to work. Even at a rough count, i’ve … Continue reading

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The Corporate Colonisation of Informal Space

There’s a lot of movement within industry at the moment to populate the more informal spaces that exist on the internet. Spaces from Facebook to Twitter and YouTube are all firmly in the sights of marketing and comms departments and … Continue reading

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