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Resolution: the hardest road

Swarthy, thickset and boasting tattoos upon his tattoos, themselves layered around the scars, the man next to me turned to his son, a little bruiser sporting jeans and baseball cap, and asked the question, “What do you do when someone … Continue reading

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Music in learning: formal education

This week i’m working to finish my new book on ‘music in learning’. It’s based on interviews with musicians and music fans to understand how the process of learning music, of creating music, has changed them. Throughout this week i’m … Continue reading

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Social Learning: the purpose of community

We come together for many reasons: to build things, to fight for things we believe in, to share things and to learn. The by product of coming together is that we form communities, be they collections of houses and post … Continue reading

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Teaching Computer Science: why an overhaul of the school curriculum may be long overdue.

In the news today, the Government is overhauling how IT is taught in schools, with the focus to shift away from learning specific applications, such as Word and PowerPoint (Information Communications Technology or ICT), and more towards underlying coding and … Continue reading

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