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What does the iPhone 4S mean for the development of mobile learning?

So, the iPhone 4S was launched yesterday in a flurry of media attention to a world that was expecting the iPhone 5 ( And what does this mean for the world of learning technology and it’s current obsession with mobile … Continue reading

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How to fit a square peg into a round hole. Exploring how the different sizes of iPad, iPhone and Playbook can affect the design and quality of mobile learning solutions.

Next week my Playbook will arrive. Billed by Blackberry as their Flash playing alternative to the iPad, it’s probably make or break for them in the Tablet market. On the surface, things look promising; at half the size of an … Continue reading

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Lend me a pencil. The levelling nature of technology and it’s applications in learning.

Technology is very much on my mind this week as we’re exhibiting at the Learning Technology event in London, but the transient nature of the beast was bought to my attention yesterday when one of my colleagues said ‘i don’t … Continue reading

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Is your best work done at home? The rise of the Agnostic worker.

Eight hours a day for Work, sixteen hours to Play. And sleeping. But when and where do we spend those hours? It used to be simple: get up, brush teeth, commute, work, lunch, work, home, Eastenders. Maybe a few additional … Continue reading

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Moving into the Mobile arena

Many of my clients are moving into the mobile arena, recognising the inherent benefits that this brings. Mobile devices include smart phones and tablets and have stormed the marketplace over the last two years. Whilst it’s always been clear that … Continue reading

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