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It’s a common feature of my conversations within a whole range of Organisations that people are busy: in fact, it’s consistently the #1 thing that people say that they need more of in order to learn, or to effect change. … Continue reading

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Words about Learning: Toast

Small can be beautiful. You don’t need to expend a huge amount of effort or time to get something right. Take this post. I’ve put the toast under the grill and i need to have it finished by the time … Continue reading

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Learning from stories: reflecting on a century of memories

It was in one of the breaks in the rain that i settled in the cafe. Built into the old Town Hall, it sat in the market square of a typical medieval rural English town. Large windows in the formerly … Continue reading

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What is reality? Understanding how history is constructed and the value of difference.

As i was driving this morning there was a fascinating programme on the radio about Troy. From the perspective of the mythology, the archaeology and documented history, they sought to build a consensus opinion of where the city actually was … Continue reading

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How long is long enough? Working on the length of a podcast.

I’m finalising my first monthly learning podcast this week. It’s been a back and forth process, both in terms of content, but also regarding the music and overall length. It needs to be long enough to get into some detail, … Continue reading

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What’s the point of a pilot? How to iterate learning to success.

Normally this question has an easy answer: to transport me to either (a) the French mountains or (b) a cheap european weekend away. In this case though, i mean a different pilot. The type that we talk about a lot, … Continue reading

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Tick… tick… tick… do you work well under pressure? Jargon and reflection in a time pressured world.

I’m in a desperate rush today, i only have fifteen minutes to write this, then i have to dash for a meeting with Sam. This is inconvenient, as i usually like to leave myself at least forty five minutes for … Continue reading

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How long does it take to learn? Why the duration of e-learning may be less important than we think.

Learning solutions are often measured in time. Forty five minutes of learning, five minute learning bursts, an eighteen month course, but how relevant is it? Is time a good indicator of learning? The likelihood is not, that the figures relate … Continue reading

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Attention deficit. Do smaller chunks of learning work more effectively, or are we simply training people to pay attention for less time?

I’ve been secretly worried that i’ve trained myself to be distracted. I can recognise the symptoms. When i try to write a document, i check my email. Several times. Then Facebook. If i’m sat reading, sometimes i feel the urge … Continue reading

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The time it takes to learn. How small steps cover long journeys.

No matter how good the design of the materials, some things just take a long time to learn. Learning is an incremental process and, whilst it may have a start point, it doesn’t always have an obvious end. Some things … Continue reading

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