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Why you should stop working for the next hour. Reflection and learning.

It’s easy to be busy. It’s something that most of us can achieve with very little effort. But it’s harder to be productive. The whirlwind of ‘things to do’ can keep us so busy that we fail to stop and … Continue reading

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Choosing the right paint: the right kit for the job.

I bought myself some new watercolours this weekend. Winsor and Newton artists range, a lovely enamelled steel box with thirty different half pans. It’s a larger version of the set i got when i was sixteen, which has accompanied me … Continue reading

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The role of the leader. Reflecting on the life of Steve Jobs and his legacy.

It would be impossible to let today pass without paying tribute to Steve Jobs, the charismatic leader who drove Apple to it’s pinnacle of success and who, to a greater or lesser extent, changed how we all think about and … Continue reading

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For the love of it. Not all learning has to have a reason.

Some things we do for money and some for love. it’s the same with learning: some things we learn because we have to, whilst others we learn for the love of learning. Organisations often focus on making people learn the … Continue reading

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Time to change? Trying something new and appreciating something old.

So it’s my birthday today and i woke up with the usual sense that it was time to do something new. A realisation that the routine was becoming routine and maybe it needed to be shaken up a little. So … Continue reading

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How to draw faces: an experiment in learning.

I’ve been thinking about learning something new, but wondering how long it’s going to take. Some things, like learning to use a new bit of software, are pretty quick, or at least, pretty quick to become reasonably competent at, but … Continue reading

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Learning to ride a unicycle. Where do we invest our time?

I’m reliably informed that it takes thirty hours to learn to ride a unicycle. Some people might take a few hours less, others a few more, but, broadly speaking, if you’re prepared to invest thirty hours of your time into … Continue reading

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