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People connect with people: why a conversational tone of voice suits social learning

I was up in London earlier this week, sat in the reception of the Gherkin, one of the landmark buildings that houses a number of my clients. Ah, i thought, they’ve changed the chairs. They used to have large red … Continue reading

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Spelling, and grammar. Why it’s increasingly hard to get away with it.

People worry that spelling and grammar are going out of the window. In a world of txt speak, in a world where ‘ask’ mysteriously becomes ‘aks’ (or ax?), in a world where even my middle class, podiatrist friend accidentally called … Continue reading

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Tick… tick… tick… do you work well under pressure? Jargon and reflection in a time pressured world.

I’m in a desperate rush today, i only have fifteen minutes to write this, then i have to dash for a meeting with Sam. This is inconvenient, as i usually like to leave myself at least forty five minutes for … Continue reading

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