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The more i learn the less i know. Why we learn

We have within us a hunger to learn. It’s rare that our curiosity can’t be piqued. This morning as i made breakfast there was an interview on the radio with a structural engineer who specialises in digging tunnels. He was … Continue reading

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How much knowledge is a good thing? Learning when to ask for help when the car breaks down.

So my car wouldn’t start yesterday. I turned the key and it made a kind of rapid clicking noise, but no sound of the engine roaring into life. This was a disappointment, as i had places to be and things … Continue reading

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The more i learn, the less i know. Learning about ignorance.

I knew i’d heard it somewhere before, although i couldn’t put my finger on where, which is where Google came in. Socrates, apparently. Good. Ancient Greek provenance puts me firmly onto solid ground.’The more i learn, the less i know’, … Continue reading

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