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Collaboration: What You Do, Not What You Say

There’s a great deal of talk about collaboration: software to facilitate it, leaders who enable it, innovation as a result of it. But collaboration is an output from a system, not an instruction to it. We can talk all we … Continue reading

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Who is Timothy?

A question i often ask myself. Most weeks on the blog, a link gets posted from Timothy’s site, linking to something i’ve written. Every week i think “that’s nice“, and go no further. There’s a broad community around the blog, … Continue reading

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Frighteningly Global: the democratised, decentralised, new world

Today went well: i presented a webinar on ‘scaffolded Social Learning‘ to around a hundred and thirty people. As is usual, i rewrote the whole thing yesterday and shared it on the blog before it even started. Later i’ll share … Continue reading

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From Social to Formal: professional development in the Social Age

Over a year after i started working on the Social Leadership Handbook, i’ve started to write the programme design. Ten years ago, i’d have started here, and my work would have been weaker for it. In the Social Age, it’s … Continue reading

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Building Strategy: working out loud

I realised it’s been several years since i walked along the beach that early: seven thirty and it’s well before the tourists arrive, it’s a time for opening ice cream stalls, brushing sand off the promenade and still early enough … Continue reading

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A Creative Journey

In front of me is an expansive view across the fields: i can see three churches and a lighthouse from here, across acres of waving corn. In front of me, just the wide open views, behind me, the sand dunes … Continue reading

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A marketplace for creativity: why collaboration may be infectious

Markets are bustling places: crates of fruit and vegetables, fish piled high on ice, shouting and haggling, people jostling for space, drifts of empty cardboard boxes piled high, smells mingling and changing as you walk. I’ve walked through markets in … Continue reading

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