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Can Brian May save the day? Apes, astrophysics and the perils of the Social Age

Once in a while, circumstances allow you to bring all your favourite things together in one place. Today is that day: i get to write about Queen, endangered animals, social media and learning. We’re in the middle of a crisis: … Continue reading

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Choose your words carefully: semantic stretch and why not to be super cool

Big data is the big thing: finding meaning in the chaos, teasing out the truth, so i was particularly interested in a project that discussed an analysis of how our use of certain words has evolved over time and how … Continue reading

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What does it take to be creative? A journey into the shadowy world of advertising.

I met Ed yesterday. Ed works in Advertising. He’s got the thick rimmed glassed and trendy satchel to prove it. Ed’s a creative. Intrigued, i asked him what it meant to be a creative. His insight? “Well, it’s better than … Continue reading

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