Social Leadership Daily

Alongside the blog, i have also recently started to publish a daily practitioner newsletter called ‘Social Leadership Daily’ – it’s a focussed sixty seconds a day for a question, reflection, or action, and it’s just turned 100 days old.

This blog is a space for longer form ideas, research, and acts as my primary ‘sense making’ space as i #WorkOutLoud. The Daily paper is about small snippets of time, rapid thought and action, but within a broader scaffolding of exploring Social Leadership. I thought that i would use today to explore and share a few of the topics we have covered across those hundred days.

I set out on Day #1 with a question about ‘Reputation’: reputation is one of the foundations of Social Leadership. Whilst our position within the hierarchy gives us formal authority, our reputation within our community gives us social authority, the ability to have our voice heard, and to influence and hear from others.

Day 1

On Day #12 i talked about our own ‘Certainty’, and how it may bind us behind shadow walls. Things that we are so certain of that we never even think to deconstruct them. Certainty traps us in comfort, but within the arms of a diverse community, we may gain the ability to fracture it, through the different perspective and challenges that are shared. If we are lucky.

Day 12

Day #49 was an Action Day: the principle of Action Days is important in this work, which is about ideas into practice. These are simple opportunities to use your sixty seconds to act. In common with principles of Quiet Leadership these actions may be both small and local, but intended to make a difference to at least one person. I first used Action Days in the ‘Social Leadership: My 1st 100 Days’ book, and had great feedback from that, so have continued the principle.

Day 49

Day #71 went by the title ‘Self and System’, and is an example of #WorkingOutLoud in practice: i first used this term in some work on ‘The Moral Leader’, and it moved across into Quiet Leadership, now forming one of the general threads that travel horizontally between strands of my work. It’s really an exploration that whatever we are looking at – learning, leadership, storytelling, change – these things involve sense making at both the individual and collective level, and that there is a tension between these two.

Day 71

Day #86 was about ‘Stories’, which is no surprise as i nearly called the first Social Leadership book ‘The Storytelling Leader’ – we lead within, and through, stories – both social and dynamic narratives, and more formal, structured, and controlled ones.

Day 86

Day #100 was a celebration: this is one of the most important lessons i learned from a quite bad leader. Quite bad, in the conventional sense, but pretty good in the way of life lessons. He told me to always celebrate the journey, not just to wait for some far off destination, so Day 100 is a celebration of being ‘in practice’.

Day 100

To be in practice is not to be perfect, but neither to be standing still.

I have ambitious plans for Social Leadership Daily this year: i have already started to bring in some other voices (‘In Conversation’), and will be arranging some Community sessions in due course.

Day 105

You can find the full archive, and subscribe, here.

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Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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