#WorkingOutLoud on the Context, Practice, and Evolution of Organisational Learning

I’m starting to finalise some of the structure around my reworking/graffiti of my core work on learning: on the plus side, i feel that i am finding the edges of this work, but on the downside, i am unsure it will result in a traditional book. I’m quite excited to consider potential non linear or more dynamic publishing structures: anything from a wiki to a mosaic of videos. I have a sense that this is more a collection of images or essays than it is a ‘coherent’ body of work – or to put it another way, if i were to try to write it as a book i feel it would be huge, but what i want is something digestible, shorter, and very practical indeed.

I have a sense that this work will be better shared incomplete and fragmented, than complete but outdated or unwieldy.

From here i will probably move into writing some sections – to figure out ideas on format and practical application. For example: will this be a publication (i almost said ‘book’…) based around 100 questions, or tips, or ideas, or a reading list, or a series of experiments etc. Or some of all of the above.

Anyone familiar with my legacy work on Learning will recognise elements, but also quite easily identify the more recent images: i’ve been increasingly interested in economic models (currencies and marketplaces of learning), social and organisational contexts (hence structures of power, consequence, responsibility and control) as well as the familiar questions of evidence base and e.g. reward mechanisms. In terms of technology i am most interested in aggregating, consolidating, analytic, connective, sentiment and sense making, etc, less interested in infrastructure per se, which is a problem largely solved.

With this iteration of structure i’ve moved away from iThoughtsHD and back into illustrations, as i feel this discipline helps me to capture the idea on a page.

I should stress that this is very early stage work still: for the nerds, this is the fifth iteration of this structure in the last six months. I could continue to play with it forever, but with a non linear or more adaptable structure, i have given myself three months to actually ‘publish’ something. Whether it is a foundation, or a complete body of work, i do not yet know.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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3 Responses to #WorkingOutLoud on the Context, Practice, and Evolution of Organisational Learning

  1. susansmith2015 says:

    Reminds me of David Gurteen’s Blook: https://conversational-leadership.net/blook/

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