Quiet Leadership: One Subject, Two Books

This summer i am publishing two books in parallel: ‘Quiet Leadership’ and ‘The Humble Leader’. Both explore the same topic, but through two different mechanisms, and this week both have moved into production, which is an exciting time!

Quiet Leadership is a new body of work that explores the Organisation as an ecosystem, and asks how our smallest of actions in every day impact the culture and system around us.

Through the first half of this year (and ongoing) i have been building out a global research project around four aspects of Quiet Leadership: Humility in our thought and action, Kindness as we grow through the system, Fairness in our leadership, and Grace in our learning and behaviour over time.

The Quiet Leadership book brings the early results across each of these areas, and is structured as a group reflective journey. I’ve been running multiple open cohorts through this work and it continues to evolve. The book walks through each of these four areas, and is based around 8 questions that you can use as the foundation of a conversation with someone else.

Whilst Quiet Leadership is my newest work, in some ways The Humble Leader is some of my oldest, having it’s origins in some work i did in San Francisco in 2012 around Social Justice. The Humble Leader is a guided reflection: it’s very short, and simply prompts a reflection across a number of core areas. I guess it is, primarily, my own reflection, but shared in the hope it will give others a structure to rebel against or build upon.

I’m publishing these in parallel, because they reflect not two sides of a coin, but two perspectives upon the coin: one is a group level discussion and journey, the other a reflection.

As ever, these bodies of work are imperfect: my own perspective and understanding evolves over time (some of the ideas in Quiet Leadership represent a clear third iteration of core ideas). But they act as an important marker in my work, before i pivot into a broader exploration of Organisations and Change in the second half of the year.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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