#WorkingOutLoud – The Learning Organisation

I recently shared several iterations of my core work around ‘learning’: this forms the next stage of that project, starting to consider core capabilities and structure of the Learning Organisation. I should stress that this is very early stage and imperfect work, and i am deliberately giving myself permission to try things that will doubtless prove to be wrong. The triangle shows five aspects of the Learning Organisation, surround by two aspects of context.

The Learning Organisation

Starting at the base: ‘EVIDENCE INFORMED’ means a foundation in the science of learning, drawing upon multiple relevant disciplines (and in pursuit of our own discipline of learning).

REFLECTIVE and MEASURED’ speaks to data and analytics: and Organisation that utilises both qualitative and quantitative measures of learning, over time.

The second layer speaks to a dynamic approach: ‘CAPABILITY BUILDING’ is a subtle nod to a focus on capability, more so than conformity alone. A Dynamic Organisation, a Learning Organisation, will hold diversified strength.

The language of ‘ADAPTIVE and EVOLUTIONARY’ is one that i borrow from my work around knowledge itself: a Learning Organisation will rely less on codified courses and static knowledge, and more so on adaptive, measured, and evolutionary approaches. Probably with a methodology of evolution, and ‘sell by’ dates on all assets.

At the top are two key aspects that relate to metacognition, and agility: ‘FRAMED and LOOPED’, means that the role of the Learning Leader becomes one of framing learning (as opposed to directing, or owning, it), and ‘Looping’ is about cycles of action research, and holding the dynamic between learning, rehearsal, planning, performance, sense making, and reflection. Constantly looped into the system.

A modern Learning Organisation must be ‘PERMEABLE’ to expertise, both within itself, outside hierarchy, and beyond it’s four walls. The final piece, on the left, is about the Socially Dynamic nature of a Learning Organisation: so multi dimensional, social, and collaborative, at scale.

I will continue to iterate this: these are fragments of thought as i search for a structure for my current expression of this work.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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