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#WorkingOutLoud on Quiet Leadership

Quiet Leadership is an exploration of leadership in the smallest of things: our mindset, our words, and our actions, in every single day. It’s not about a grand aspiration, about formal organisational objectives, or big development programmes. It’s not about … Continue reading

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The Role of Consequence in Learning

We all experience consequence: the result of our actions, imposed upon us, often unavoidable. Consequence acts as a limiter or moderator of our actions. At 21 months, my son is busy learning what consequence means, and i am busy trying … Continue reading

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Today i am sharing a simple view of assessment: it’s a pragmatic view at a complex subject. Whilst it’s possible to measure anything, when we look at assessment within programme design, the harder question can be to ask how we … Continue reading

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The Experimental Organisation: Your Uncertainty Or Your Foundations?

We could describe our ‘uncertainty’ as the things that we know to be curious about, whilst our foundations are things that we know to be true. When we think about the places our curiosity may carry us, we often look … Continue reading

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