No One Person Alone

Quiet Leadership is a new body of work exploring the Organisation as an Ecosystem, and the ways that we impact upon that system through the smallest of actions: it’s a reflective model of leadership that prompts us to explore our intent, action, and impact, and how this is grounded in everyday action. Not a grand and illustrious view of ‘leadership’, but rather a humble and grounded one that encourages us to view ourselves as part of a movement towards a better state.

In the setup of this work, i break apart the idea of the ‘Organisation as Ecosystem’: its a view that allows us to consider how each and every one of us both enhance, and degrade, that system every day, by taking something out, and putting something in, by taking action, and having impact. Some of that impact happens in our shadow, out of sight, but it is an impact nonetheless.

Each of us can, through direct action, improve our local system: we can tend to one tree, one field, one part of the landscape, but none of us can directly care for it all.

To create a healthy ecosystem requires care that is connected: each of us, to the best of our ability, acting within the light, and aware of our shadow.

This year i will guide thousands of people through the Landscape of Quiet Leadership: you are welcome to join me for this gentle journey, which takes place across four weeks. You can find out more and sign up here.

About julianstodd

Author and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the Social Age. I’ve written ten books, and over 2,000 articles, and still learning...
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