Restless Energy

I find it valuable to remember that our energy is not limitless, nor our direction set. We must constantly course correct and remember that it’s as important to put things down as to pick new things up.

I took last week off, or as near to a holiday as one can get whilst locked down and launching a book. But this week i have failed to launch back with energy and direction, instead feeling somewhat listless and adrift.

I can tell that it’s permeated the sessions i have delivered today: i am rambling, trying to link together disparate ideas without a clear map, exploring the limits of my stories.

Normally i would recognise this as a time of expansion: my work typically delves into a subject in depth, then leaps into a new space: times like this can be consolidating efforts, or a redrafting of the picture. But right now it just feels a little adrift, and i feel tired, but unclear which of those feelings is causing the other.

The broadest themes of my work explore the context of the Social Age, and the ways that we individually must adapt, the way our Organisations must be redesigned, and even the ways that our broadest social constructs such as government and society are being rewritten. But at a granular level i explore ideas around leadership, learning, culture, innovation, and change. Which can be reassuringly concrete.

My restlessness is around the big ideas, and i think i am fleeing to comfort in the detail.

I guess i could phrase it as this: part of my work explores how Organisations can do better, but the other part asks the question as to what type of Organisations we even want in the first place. And the second part of that question is the area i’m skirting around. I guess because the current crisis brings it to the fore: how are Organisations fair, what are the new models of Org design, what is leadership, and how can we understand the radically complex nature of social structures without resorting to convenient myths? And then a ton of other interesting things that surround that…

I convince myself that this may be the usual feeling after finishing a book: the Campfire book was written fast, so four weeks of dedicated focus leaves me feeling that i am at the end of one race, and unsure where to run to next. Time will tell.

For now, i will permit myself to wallow in it: sometimes it’s ok to write what feels right, and see where the narrative takes me.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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