Reach Out In Kindness

I realise i am writing a series of posts about culture, kindness, and the costs of isolation: this was not an intentional theme, but i guess a result of both exhaustion and sense of vulnerability. I have really focussed my writing the last few weeks on completing the text of the ‘Remote Working Survival Guide’, which is now in production, and on balancing and supporting my family. So those moments for writing the blog have not felt like times to tackle the trendy topics of instructional design for virtual working, or meta-analysis of how society will change through the pandemic.

Not that i would not like to write some of those things, but i have felt more reflective about the granular detail. How we will cope, lead, adapt, and change, as individuals.

I wrote about how the cost of the lockdown will be borne by the individual, ultimately not the companies we work for, and that the society we deserve will be the one that we build.

Today, i find myself retreating to a core aspect of Social Leadership: to reach out in kindness. Not with purpose, and not with resources, answers, or questions. But rather to listen, to understand, to cross over from your reality into that of one other person.

In some senses, i feel that we sit on an island: my island is comfortable, i we have a lovely space and garden. Not bit, but big enough. And we have each other. But one of my friends wrote to me at the weekend about how she felt down, how she missed the energy of other people. And another wrote about the monotony of living alone in London and just falling into an endless routine of work.

So perhaps whatever time this reaches you in your day, reach out, and reach out in kindness.

We cannot always carry the weight for other people, but we can walk with them on their journey, or at the very least, we can let them know that we are waiting for them at the end of it, watching out over the plain.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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