Leading the Expedition: Navigating Social Leadership

Next week i start a series of three linked Webinars for newly remote teams: these will be free, and i will run them for four successive weeks on different timezones. Yesterday i shared the first one, ‘Packing your Backpack’, which looked at how to set up your space and gain momentum. In this second piece, ‘Leading the Expedition’, i look at leadership in Remote Teams, and the ways that we have to carry power beyond the system.

We used to have one formal world of work, and a social life that surrounded it, separated by both time, and behaviours. Each had their own uniform, rituals, and structures of power and control. There has been a general blurring of boundaries over the last two decades, but the abrupt shift to remote work has left many people in a new space, where neither the rules, rituals, behaviours, or view of success, are clear.

One thing i have learned the hard way is that leading virtual teams is not like leadership in an office: in this Webinar i will draw upon some of the core Social Leadership work to give a potted view of leading outside the system.

We will consider the role of the leader to take a space (the technology that connects us), and create a place (somewhere we hang out). One is defined by technology and time, the other by trust and community.

In service of this we will consider the social currencies of gratitude and doubt are important: understanding authenticity, and considering how our actions strengthen or degrade the system.

A central tenet of Social Leadership is to understand how Social Capital is grown, and how we build it in others: broadly i define it as the ability to survive and thrive in these spaces. Social Leaders have high levels themselves, but help others to find their way.

Finally, recognition and respect are mainstays of remote working: not just recognition of success and long hours, but rather respecting those team members who share their challenge, their doubt, and their failures. Because we all fail in these spaces sometimes.

The final session is called ‘Finding Your Campfire’, and i will share the design tomorrow.

Next week [W/C 23rd March] the three webinars will run on GMT. The following week i will shortly publish a schedule on EST, then the third week back to GMT, and the fourth week Pacific time. If there is demand, i will run Asian times too.

You can register for Webinar One [Foundations of Remote Working] here.

You can register for Webinar Two [Building Virtual Teams] here.

You can register for Webinar Three [Finding Your Campfire] here.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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