Finding Your Campfire – Session One – Packing Your Backpack

Next week i start a series of 3 linked webinars for newly remote teams. I will repeat these for as long as demand persists, moving each week between different timezones. The three sessions explore three aspects of remote working. Session One is about ‘Packing Your Backpack’, Session Two is about ‘Leading the Expedition’, and Session 3 is ‘Finding Your Campfire’. So broadly it is about the individual journey, the leadership journey, and how we remain ‘together apart’.

‘Packing Your Backpack’ will explore four central aspects of remote work. First, ‘Creating Your Space’, which is about your home working environment, from both a physical, and family, perspective.

Secondly, ‘Time and Boundaries’, which is about the challenges that many of us will face as we balance childcare, family, friends, and work demands, in uncharted waters.

Thirdly, we will consider ‘Energy and Momentum’, and how we have to marshal our energy, and actively replenish it, when we cannot rely on the momentum of the crowd.

Finally, ‘Caring for Each Other’, which is about the ways that we remain ‘together apart’, the ways we look after ourselves and others.

As with all my work, and these sessions in particular, this is just the starting point: as i deliver the prototype cohorts, i will evolve the content according to demand. This is all part of #WorkingOutLoud.

Next week [W/C 23rd March] the three webinars will run on GMT. The following week i will shortly publish a schedule on EST, then the third week back to GMT, and the fourth week Pacific time. If there is demand, i will run Asian times too.

You can register for Webinar One [Foundations of Remote Working] here.

You can register for Webinar Two [Building Virtual Teams] here.

You can register for Webinar Three [Finding Your Campfire] here.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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