Finding Your Campfire: Supporting Newly Remote Teams

I have curated a series of three webinars aimed at newly remote teams, which draw upon my wider work around Social Leadership, Community Building, Storytelling, and Trust. I will offer these on alternating weeks on European and US timezones. I hope that in some small way they will help those making the transition to remote work a little more smooth.

The shift to remote work is a disruptive one for many individuals and teams: the change involves uncertainty, fear, and opportunity, almost in equal measure. Without care, some people will be disadvantaged or left behind. It is easy for narratives to emerge from fear and doubt that can lead people to lack barriers and boundaries, or to despair and lack of focus.

The three webinars will take place on three sequential days, to cover the foundations of remote work, and the ways we lead, and participate, in these spaces.

Session One: Foundations of Remote Working – this will draw most closely on the ‘Landscape of Communities’ research, and will explore the ways that relationships change online, the diverse ‘sense making and support’ spaces we inhabit, the importance of tempo and the dynamics of social collaboration. We will also consider the central role of trust in all of this.

Session Two: Building Virtual Teams – will draw directly upon the Social Leadership work, and particularly focus on the role of social currencies, gratitude, vulnerability, and doubt.

Session Three is perhaps the most important: Finding Your Campfire – Being Together Apart – it’s about the importance of individual and shared (co-creative) storytelling, reinforcing team identity and momentum.

Doubtless this will evolve in the telling, but i am happy to be able to offer it freely to anyone who has been thrust into this space.

You can register for Webinar One [Foundations of Remote Working] here.

You can register for Webinar Two [Building Virtual Teams] here.

You can register for Webinar Three [Finding Your Campfire] here.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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