Community Star: An Activity Tool

The Community Star is a simple tool to frame your actions around your core Community each day: these five areas are not specific actions, but rather shape the broad thrust of the action. For example, on a ‘smaller’ day you will try to make a difference to one person, whilst on an ‘Open’ day you are trying to create new conversations. The principle is rather like that of conducting the orchestra: you are not making the music yourself, but are nudging performance, and holding the group together.

The Community Star

Smaller – on this day, interact at a smaller scale. Speak to one person, to make a tangible difference. Share one thing, wisely, with context wrapped around it. Thank one person, with clear direction why. Represent one person in a space that they cannot hear you. Focus this day on the personal, the kind, and the human.

Listen – on this day, listen for breadth of voices, and be mindful of how many you hear. If all you hear is agreement, broaden the space, or consider where challenge may be useful. If all you hear is noise, help the Community to find a signal. If all you hear is observation, move the group to action. If all you hear is challenge, be open about support.

Open – on this day, open a new space, a new conversation, or be open to change. If something is on your horizon, create a conversation around it. If something seems intractable, create a space to explore it. If you feel comfortable, open yourself up to change. All of this can be at a very small scale: the principle is that of 1% change: if you can change yourself, or others, through learning, or through action, just one percent, but you can do that in a systemic way, then you may learn to out compete the competition at scale.

Carry – on this day carry a conversation into a new space, bring in a new person, or carry someone forward (in their space or understanding). If you are having a productive conversation within your group, consider who else would benefit, and either share to them, or invite them in. If you see someone who is fixed in one position, carry them into a space of difference. Encourage, or challenge them to be more than they are today.

Review – on this day, reflect and review: how relevant is the activity of this week to your mission? Are you inward facing (discussing known challenges, or reworking old problems) or outward facing (seeing what the wider world is discussing, or identifying new challenges) – and is this position flexible, or do you always do the same? Is your group observing challenge, or resolving it? Where will you go next, and how will you remember what you have learned already?

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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4 Responses to Community Star: An Activity Tool

  1. sandy tranfaglia says:

    Hi Julian – I LOVE this but wish you called it something other than “Star” for group dynamics sake – maybe call it “Sparkler” as you are sparking the Community or something similar. Cheers!

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