The Social Age 2019: #WorkingOutLoud on the new map

My work is set in the context of The Social Age: a broad term to describe our evolved ecosystem. New structures of work, of social organisation, of learning, leadership, and connectivity. Each year i redraw my map of the Social Age, to reflect the core topics that i see as most central to our understanding. These maps are cumulative, different views of the features i see most heavily impacting Organisations, or those on the close horizon. I encourage you to draw your own map, to consider the true impacts of the Social Age, both from a personal perspective, but also from the viewpoint of the Organisations that we work for. Only those that can adapt can hope to thrive.

Draft Social Age Map 2019

This year i am exploring ten core aspects:

Certainty: the ways that we knew the world are crumbling. Previously dominant narratives are evolving, or being negated, by newer, often socially moderated ones.

Community: the rise of radically connected, and empowered, social communities. Driving change, subverting established order.

Algorithmic War: the battle for authenticity, the rise of new principles for the organisation, and access, of knowledge.

Inequality: a broader spectrum of distribution, the role of fairness.

Belief: the Organisation as a belief system, the cult of leadership, the points of connection between financial systems, and belief based ones.

Citizenship: belonging to something beyond ‘nation’, the rise of the trans-nationals, the notion of multiple occupancy.

Interconnectivity: connections around the system. The radical connectivity, through fault lines, of the Socially Dynamic Organisation.

Power: the new structures it’s held within, and the dynamic tension between formal and social modes.

Authenticity: importance of deep roots, role of social consequence.

Change: the ability of an Organisation to change it’s core narrative, to co-create the future state, with individual agency at the heart.

Through this week i will share the writing on this, and aim (hope) to publish the full article by Friday.

About julianstodd

Author, Artist, Researcher, and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the context of the Social Age and the intersection of formal and social systems.
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