Collective Capability

I’ve been in Amsterdam today, discussing leadership and change: our conversation turned to power, and how established power, codified strength, can be the very thing that holds us static, that resists change. This dichotomy is a struggle: when our strength becomes a weakness, we are left internally conflicted. If our leaders are held within strongly formal structures, isolated within narrow communities, they will lack the ‘sense making’ apparatus to even spot their constraint.

When Strength Becomes Weakness

Developing Social Leadership is not simply about individual capability: it delivers an aggregated, amplified, capability too. If we become more interconnected, outside the formal structure, then we can start to find some of our strength and pride in this third space too. Once we do that, once we have Social Authority, we can break the shackles of hierarchy.

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Author and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the Social Age. I’ve written ten books, and over 2,000 articles, and still learning...
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