‘The Trust Sketchbook’: Design Proofs

I wanted to share this, the final design proofs for ’The Trust Sketchbook’. Once i sign these off, it will move into production. This is an experimental book: a structured reflective journey, exploring the Landscape of Trust. The first edition will go to the Kickstarter backers, then i will do a limited print run of 500 to prototype. I’m also going to prototype this as a series of vinyl banners, large scale, to use with groups. You won’t be able to see much detail in this image, but when it’s finalised, i’ll share some larger images.

The Trust Sketchbook: Design Proofs

My normal illustration is done on the ipad, but for the whole of The Trust Sketchbook, i’ve painted it in watercolour, and it’s been scanned, which can lead to some gradients to break down, and colours to shift. That’s my main focus right now: ensuring it looks great when it’s printed!

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Author and Founder of Sea Salt Learning. My work explores the Social Age. I’ve written ten books, and over 2,000 articles, and still learning...
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