Prototyping the Jigsaw for the Socially Dynamic Organisation

It’s the end of a long day: i’ve been facilitating a group of senior leaders, exploring Social Leadership, Innovation, and Change. Which is another way of saying that i feel too tired to write. But part of #WorkingOutLoud is to be unafraid to share something short, just in the moment. And today, i’ll do that, and share this photo of a new jigsaw i prototyped today. It’s built out of the work on the Socially Dynamic Organisation, and it’s a jigsaw that can be used in groups to explore the ‘Dynamic Tension’.

Jigsaw for Socially Dynamic Organisation

I used it to provide some constrained structure around the group work, and it seemed to work well. Later this week i will share some of the different ‘jigsaws’ that the groups created, and reflect on how i can evolve the model further. Below is my original sketch on ‘Organisational Design Principles’ that this jigsaw is based upon.

Sketching the Socially Dynamic Organisation


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